Mac mighty mouse scrolling problems

My roller ball wired Apple Mouse (also known as Mighty Mouse for a time) and wireless. both share a similar internal device that gets gunky.
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Press quite hard with it and at the same time scroll around — moving it up and down and round and round. Move to a different area of the paper and give it another go.

The paper seems to absorb all the oil and gunk off the scroll wheel, and the scroll wheel in turn when it is clean must absorb the gunk off the sensors or whatever is underneath it. Do not use alcohol. The rubber scroll wheel is sensitive and the alcohol is not needed. No not use water. This worked an absolute treat, with a slight variant: I unplugged the mouse, and turned it upside down before firmly rolling it in multiple directions on the paper for a good few minutes.

Mighty Mouse - Scrolling Problem

Apple Mouse is a great accessory for any Mac, but sometimes it will refuse to scroll up or down. This could be caused by dirt or dust lodged in the scrolling mechanism in the mouse. Try these steps out to fix the issue. To create this article, 13 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time.

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How to clean the Mighty Mouse's scroll ball - Mac OS X Hints

Learn more. Learn more Method 1. Rub the scrolling ball repeatedly for a minute or so in every direction with a dry, clean piece of linen.

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If ball still isn't rolling properly, repeat with a lightly moistened cloth to remove any dirt. This works better if you use alcohol eg. You can also choose to put the mouse upside-down on a piece of paper and just rolling the ball over the paper.

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Try the same thing with rubbing it on your cotton shirt, pants, or jeans. Plug your mouse back in to see the problem's been fixed.

How to Fix Apple Mighty Mouse Scroll Ball [HD]

If not, try repeating these steps a few times. Method 2. Use a can of air like the ones made for cleaning a keyboard.