Mac os 10.7 multiple desktops

On my previous version of Mac OS X I was able to add as much desktops I want by just going into upper right corner with my pointer and clickin.
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In Mission Control you have the ability to create multiple desktops that allow you to group applications into different desktops.

So, if you are working on a graphic design project you can have a desktop that contains photoshop, an art sample in Finder and a color picker app. Then you can setup another desktop for internet browsing and iTunes.

Apple Mac - multiple desktop switching

And another desktop to contain Mail and iCal. The great thing about this feature is that you can only see the apps you are working with, which helps reduce clutter on your desktop. Press the Mission Control button on your keyboard or swipe up with three fingers using your trackpad. Real virtual desktops.

How to add more desktop spaces

Was looking for special software, but there nothing to find for For earlier versions there is…. Having come from years in a Windows environment ]]shudder[[ I found Spaces a little hard to get used to. But once I did I loved it. Long live Spaces! Great, thanks for this. IF I could have a fully new space i. A pity.

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I was raised on Unix, so I suppose it might only be a personal thing. I find that keeping EverNote maximized in one space and PowerPoint in the other works pretty well.

I follow along in the notes and when I want to document something from the lecture, I can quickly switch to the other and do so without having to deal with minimizing or shuffling windows around. This information about virtual desktops requires a vaguely new version of OS X to apply to you. Name required.

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